Get Some WholeFoods Into You!

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term ‘whole food’ being thrown around but whether or not you understand it is a different story. A whole food is one that is still its natural state and hasn’t been processed or refined. The absence of any type of interference to a whole food allows it to retain as much nutritional value as possible. This is just one of the reasons wholefoods are such an invaluable part of our diet and why we want you to know all about them!

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Don’t Skimp In The Sack

Sleep is like the black sheep of a healthy lifestyle- underrated and largely misunderstood. We all put miles of effort into our clean eating, heavy lifting and deep squatting but when it comes to getting a good nights sleep it gets chucked in the low priority basket, even lower on the list than our washing basket full of sweaty active wear. We think it’s wise to throw you all into the deep end of the pool of knowledge on sleep and teach you about its endless benefits on your health. Read on to find out why sleeping more is the bomb diggity for your health and fitness goals, because any excuse for more time in the sack is a good excuse! (More time SLEEPING in the sack, calm down) Continue reading “Don’t Skimp In The Sack”

Pregnancy’s a Bitch

Women’s hormones are already a bitch prior to pregnancy and without the dreaded pre-menstrual tension you’d think that pregnancy would finally cut us a break from our menstrual cycle and it’s mishaps. Nope. My pregnancy is basically looking to be a nine-month bitch-fest. All the symptoms of PMT are definitely still present and even stronger than ever. Perhaps even on steroids. Lucky them considering I’m not even allowed pre-workout at the moment.

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Kicking the Saggy Asses of Anxiety and Depression, One Workout at a Time!

Written for Enliven Coaching 

We all have days where something inside our brain is blocking any moment of pure joy, and telling us there’s something wrong when there really isn’t. Anxiety and depression are extremely real and they’re also rife in our society, despite the amazing place we live and beautiful people that surround us. And that’s why we need to give ourselves every chance we can against them.

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