Kauai: The Garden Island

I don’t mean to pick favourites.. But Kauai is my favourite.

For any travellers searching for untouched beauty, do not overlook this island! Designate at least five days to this gem and you will not be disappointed.

With the abundant forest that blankets the island, the lack of overdevelopment and frequent rainfall, Kauai is truly a picture of blue and green beauty.

The towns of Hanalei and Princeville are great starting points, offering both beautiful beaches and shops. If you can’t afford to stay in these areas at least hire a car and do a couple of day trips. You’ll fall in love with the true island paced lifestyle and chilled out vibes that radiate from these villages.

Hanalei village, home to Hanalei beach and pier, will thrill your senses with colourful cafes, art galleries and different clothing boutiques. Small delis, cafes and food trucks create a diversity of affordable eating options and for the thirsty adults, an array of bars.

After checking out the shop strip in Hanalei, head to the picturesque Hanalei beach where you’ll be greeted with one of the most panoramic photo worthy bays you’ll ever visit. The bay features a beautiful pier that stretches 100 metres into the crystal waters and is surrounded by views of the stretching mountain ranges on the opposite side of the bay. When visiting Hanalei Bay, prepare to spend the day there as you won’t want to leave, and for the surfers, pack your boards as there is a worthy surf break.

Whilst in Princeville and Hanalei, take a short drive north and admire the beaches along the way. The road only continues another fifteen minutes beyond Hanalei and leads you right to the beginning of the Na Pali coast trail, only reachable by boat or air, unless your a hiking maniac; then you can trek the 36 kilometre round trip Kalalau trail (On my bucket list!).

Having a car in Kauai is ideal, as the main towns are spread out and are all worth a visit! On the most Southern part of the East Coast you will find Poipu; a small town with large character and impressive beaches. A day trip and dinner is highly recommended if you’re taking the trip down there as it offers a large dining and shopping experience and it’s stunning beaches will demand at least a few hours of your time.




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