Hard HIITing Workouts

HIIT workouts are making waves in the fitness industry, and why wouldn’t they be? Less time working out with faster results sounds like a winning combination to me!

Taking advantage of and basing their fitness concept around this scientifically proven method, is Brookvale gym Enliven Coaching. 

Head trainer and owner, Becky Shaw is taking women’s fitness to new heights, providing classes including functional weights circuits and MMA inspired cardio workouts that incorporate boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and full-body HIIT workouts to create one effective yet fun workout. What makes Enliven different to the plague of new boutique gyms opening their doors all over Sydney, is it’s class diversity, affordability and focus on female fitness.

What other gym on the Northern Beaches includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Dance cardio classes, MMAXfit and weights classes all for the unlimited packaging price of $50 a week? I am yet to discover one.

Enliven takes the diversity of a large gym and combines it with the comforting close-community feeling that smaller gyms have the ability to offer. You will truly want to go to the gym, and that’s a huge thing for most people, myself included.

Previously, I have attempted to get my fitness on track through gym memberships at the large-chain gyms, however have always struggled to muster the motivation to actually get myself to their classes. They never seemed to be motivating or personalised enough to actually be fun. Even when I had friends meeting me there, it still seemed like one of the days most dreaded chores. This is where Enliven is winning. The classes are fun, especially if you can recruit a friend. The workouts are intense, yet exhilarating and the atmosphere is empowering! We lift heavy weights, do box jumps, use assault bikes and kick out our frustrations in MMAXFit classes. Trainers Becky and Amy never leave a gal behind and are the most motivational coaches I’ve ever trained with.

So if you’re looking to fall in love with fitness for the first time or rekindle a previous spark with it, do yourself a massive favour and get your already activewear-clad booty down to Enliven Coaching, you will not be disappointed!

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