New Australian Search Engine Helps Users to ‘Adopt Instead of Shop’

Former Saint Luke’s Grammar student, Brittany Bloomer, is set to launch the website for her foundation Pound Paws this Wednesday.

The website includes a search engine that allows potential pet owners to search for pets based on location, breed, lifestyle suitability and age, and is the first of it’s kind in Australia.

The twenty-two year old television presenter, whom previously resided in Bayview, has created the foundation with the aim to rehome cats and dogs that face death row in pounds across Australia. The foundation also endeavours to educate people about the implications of buying from pet stores that support puppy farms instead of adopting.

The Foundation itself has operated for over two years, however the search engine that is being launched on Wednesday is imperative to the foundation’s efficiency, including daily postings on new pets available through collaborations with Australian pounds.

“I decided to create Pound Paws when I became aware of the shocking statistic relating to the large number, 250,000, of healthy dogs and cats being euthanized each year in Australia. I knew I had to find a way to fix this.” Said Brittany, who came up with the concept of a search engine after spending her after-school hours visiting local pounds and taking photos of pets on death row to then post to social media in an attempt to find them homes.

Pound Paws has been operating through social media and has gained a large following of over 15,000 users showing their interest by sharing images of pets needing desperate re-homing.

Brittany finances the charity herself and after a positive public response, now has sponsors on board providing assistance through product donations, which go towards the foundation’s “Happy Adoption” pack.

Brittany has previously been involved with other charity work, including her involvement as social media presenter at the Sydney Children’s Hospital’s Gold telethon event.

When asked about her ultimate goals for the Pound Paws Foundation, Brittany stated that besides re-homing, education was their largest goal.

“One of the biggest contributors to dogs and cats ending up on death row each year is because of non-registered breeders that mass produce these pets. If I can raise awareness and encourage people to adopt as well as implement the “Getting to Zero” procedure in all pounds, then I will feel Pound Paws has achieved worthwhile goals.”

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