Counting Down to the next Countdown


A new online web series showcasing the musical talent of the Northern Beaches and wider Sydney Metro area is set to launch in spring, in a bid to re-vamp the Sydney music scene.

Founder and brains behind the initiative is Brynn Davies – a local Northern Beaches music journalist and daughter of rock legend Iva Davies of the band Icehouse.

The online web series has been devised as an attempt to assist up and coming musical talents from the Northern Beaches and the wider Sydney Metro area. Lockout laws, venue closures and over regulation has allegedly ‘killed’ the city’s music scene, and with it, multiple opportunities for musicians to break out onto the national stage.

“We’ve seen about a forty per cent drop in music ticket sales and revenue, a nineteen per cent decline in attendance at all of the live venues across the same period, and about a fifteen per cent fall in the amount that venues spend on a live performance – they’re not even getting paid as much as they used to,” stated Miss Davies when asked about the effects of the lockout laws. “How do you expect to create a hype around your band in a city that’s void of its nightlife?”

The web series will take the format of a ten episode program, where local up and coming bands are invited to play a teaser of a live gig and then participate in an interview in the hopes of catching viewer’s attention and building a fan base. LunchBox TV is the first of its kind. In a world where new bands are using YouTube to ‘broadcast themselves’, music fans are widely disconnected with their members, knowing little about them. “The interview segment is key; fans want to know all about their new favourite acts,” says Dylan Frost, member of one of LunchBox TV’s featuring bands Apollo Hooks.

The ultimate goal of LunchBox TV is “Countdown 2.0!” Miss Davies jokes. “Realistically, [it will be] a really viable launchpad for new talent and a trusted authority for audiences, just like Countdown and Molly Meldrum was.”

LunchBox TV is currently in pre-production and has recently launched a funding initiative via GoFundMe, “We’ve hit half of our target in five days!” says Brynn. If you wish to contribute to the cause, head online to


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