Keep that Body Moving: Weekend ACTIVE-ities

Photo source: Enliven Coaching, Written for Enliven Coaching 

At the end of a long working week we all need a little fun and Sydney is the perfect playground! Here’s the low down on it’s best weekend activities to keep us away from the couch and off our asses.

Walk It Off!

Get into your active wear (not that you were ever out of it) and move that booty! The Northern Beaches peninsula and generous Sydney coastline has provided us with an abundance of beautiful walking trails and we would be stupid not to appreciate them. Our favourite trails include the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, North Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, The Spit to Shelley walk and of course the Palm Beach Lighthouse walk. So grab your favourite walking buddy and trek it up to your favourite lookout. You can even take your top off and get a rebellious naked-back shot of you admiring the beautiful view.

Release your Inner Child!

When we were young we would literally run around for fun. Now we’re angry at just the thought of cardio. Before you stop reading this article because you think we’re suggesting going for a run, don’t! We’re not that stupid. Instead, we think that a group trip to trampoline wonderland Flip Out, Brookvales Rockhouse or an organised game of Bubble Soccer would be endorphin releasing, active and hilarious ways to fill your leisurely time. All of these activities are relatively cheap and come with the added bonus of disguised exercise! Get your gang together and have some childish fun. If these activities are too extreme for you, then a bike ride around Narrabeen Lake or Stand Up Paddleboarding are also fun ways to get your body moving and a simultaneous dose of vitamin D.

Treat Yo’Self

After you’ve burnt all of those extra calories having fun, it’s time to recharge at one of the Northern Beaches best healthy cafes. Eating is our favourite thing to do so we’re well equipped to offer up some of our favourites. We know that eating isn’t really an active endeavour, but at least you’re still getting some fresh air. And no, drinking goon in your backyard doesn’t count.

We judge our cafes on a smashed avocado, smoothie and healthy treat ranking scale and the below are well-worthy of your tastebuds. The rest of their menus are fantastic as well.

Girdlers Grind
Holy shit, their Holy Avo! This is the stuff avocado wet dreams are made of. Served with sweet and salty haloumi, green goddess dressing and eggs cooked to perfection, this might just become your new weekend brunch spot. Their buckwheat crepes (gluten free) and acai bowls are deliciously satisfying and the Greenpeace Smoothie is one of the best green smoothies around, rivalled only by the Nook’s Green Goddess Smoothie.

The Nook
As mentioned above, the Nook’s superfood smoothies strongly hold their stance as the beaches best smoothies, but their Nourish Bowl of quinoa, halloumi, avocado and poached eggs, as well as their slow cooked lamb bruschetta are also among the many reasons to visit this cosy Elanora Heights cafe.

Bare Naked Bowls
Get your acai fix from the acai bowl extraordinaires down at Manly’s Bare Naked Bowls. With an extensive menu covering all of your acai needs, hot breakfast bowls and smoothies, this place has something for everyone. Our favourite is the aptly named Bliss Bowl. These guys also donate 10 percent of your purchase to their not-for-profit charity The International Brothers and Sisters House, helping orphaned children through higher education in Nepal, Tanzania and Cambodia. Helping others by eating acai bowls sounds like a sweet deal to us.

So this weekend when you’re stumped for ideas and you’ve finished the latest season of Orange is the New Black (why must we wait a year between each season?), take our advice and embark on an active adventure. There’s so much room for activities!

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