The Final Countdown: Keeping Motivated in the Last Weeks of Winter

Photo source: Enliven Coaching

Written For Enliven Coaching

Sometimes our exercise routines get dreary and we find ourselves pulling back in sessions, with decreased motivation to smash it out like we usually do. This can result in personal disappointment and disheartened feelings towards our own exercise efforts. Sometimes it happens leading into spring after a three month struggle of freezing early morning starts, a never ending desire for comfort foods and a longing for hibernation.
We all experience a dip in motivation, sometimes even a plateau or a decrease in fitness levels, however the one thing we cannot do is give up. Because falling off the bandwagon completely and having to pick yourself up and start chasing again is harder than holding on and pulling yourself back up.

So in the final weeks of winter and with spring just around the corner, we may need to recommit to our fitness routines, this time bigger and better.

The best thing to do when motivation is scarce, and so too become your workouts, is to step back and re evaluate. You may need to schedule a couple of rest days and an official start date where you get back to the gym with guns blazing. If you feel your body and mind really need it, then scheduling a couple of days rest will help to avoid feelings of disappointment for saying you were going back to the gym when you knew deep down you weren’t. Creating measurable and achievable goals and writing them down can also help to spice up motivation and once you reach them, enforces feelings of attainment.
Nutrition is huge in our motivation to exercise and fuelling your body with quality whole foods to maximise energy levels and a sense of determination is key. Prep your meals in advance to avoid cheat meal disappointment and downward spirals.

For some of us, decreased motivation can be a result of muscle fatigue and soreness due to ineffective post workout recovery. Get to some yoga classes and schedule in stretching sessions if this is the case. It’s rare that we find time to stretch but it’s incredibly important. Range of movement and muscle flexibility are imperative to maximised workout efficiency and workout duration. There’s nothing worse than starting an epic week of successful workouts only to hit a brick wall at the end of the week because of neglected muscle recovery.

So if you’re feeling like your bed is becoming increasingly impossible to leave in these final mornings of winter, put some of these motivational fire starters in place and revamp your routine! Get serious about your results and use the approaching warmer weather as a reason to up the anti. Take your short break, get your nutrition on point, schedule your workouts in, spice it up with different routines, look after your muscles and get back into it!

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