Sweat Now to Avoid Sweating the Thought of a Bikini 

Written for Enliven Coaching

I think it’s safe to say that we are well and truly sick of this torturous winter cold (Hush, people from actually cold places!) and are beginning to spend way too much time daydreaming about hot and blissful beach days, only be to rudely awakened by a sudden panic because we know we haven’t primed our beach bods to their full advantage. So in order to avoid this panic in real life, it’s time to get serious and take our fitness routines to new levels and that includes clean eating too, because why should we slave away in the gym only to ruin it every night when the chocolate cravings kick in?
So under the circumstances of the scarily (but equally amazingly) close summer days, we toss aside our mediocre routines and take advantage of the short time until summer to throw ourselves faithfully into something a little more intense. Because we only have 14 weeks and that is the perfect amount of time to commit ourselves without having the mental breakdown of a dreaded long haul of months on end, yet enough time to make some serious progress.
Now with that inspirational rant over and done, you’re thinking “Ok, so now what?”. The first thing to do is step back and if necessary, stop lying to yourself. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking that your diets pretty clean and your weekend blow out is your god-given right, but think again. The little treats we give ourselves could be what’s standing in between us and the muscle definition we just can’t seem to get. I’m starting to sound like the Hitler of diets, but all dictatorships aside, your diet should probably be it’s cleanest in the final three months leading up to summer if you’re really about that bikini body life. And to clarify, we don’t mean diet in the sense of fads and restrictions. We are referring to the healthy eating habits you should already live by- wholesome and nourishing foods absent of poisons such as sugars, additives and preservatives. In these final three months leading up to the heat, do a serious spring clean of your gut. Turn down that dessert on the weekends, choose protein and veggies when you’re out to dinner and don’t succumb to the lolly jar at work. These are the tiny tweaks (if your eating is already relatively clean), that could mean the difference between ab or flab when flaunting your figure at the beach. If you’re really brave, you should try to forgo that weekly cheat meal and perhaps limit it to a fortnightly or monthly cheat meal to really up the anti.
Simultaneously, you should be reigning in that fitness routine and start making every workout count. You know when we have good and bad days and we kind of just accept that today’s workout was hard and we weren’t giving it our best but that’s okay because we will do better tomorrow? For the next three months try and avoid those feelings and give your absolute best in all workouts. Intense HIIT sessions melt away fat and if these are the workouts you’re relying on, keeping them intense is imperative to their efficiency. Negative slumps are also contagious so if you’re workouts are feeling very run-of-the-(tread)mill, pick it up and make that little workout your bitch. There is no time to be uninspired and results are what keep us motivated to keep going, so make them happen. In addition to workout intensity, make sure you plan your workouts for the week and commit to an absolute minimum of four, aiming for five. Two rest days a week is enough and although the weeks are getting busier, your workouts will energise you and help you to get through them, satisfied with what you’ve achieved.
Get started now and get serious. We’re in the final countdown to Summer and it’s not waiting for you so start putting the hard yards in to avoid beach body disappointment. Come Christmas time you’ll be excited to flaunt your hard work and your family might even be too distracted by your banging bod to annoyingly ask what you’re doing with your life (I do not have to explain to you why I’m still at uni, Grandma).

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