Sunday Funday: Your Local Organic Markets

We think the Organic markets are the perfect weekend activity and a worthy incentive to stay responsible on Saturday night.

These bitter cold days are creating more unnecessary excuses for us all to get out a little less on the weekends, and instead opt for more Netflix and Chill in order to escape the incredibly nasty (real) chill going on outside. It seems our only other entertainment options are loitering around shopping malls, cafes and bars, spending, eating and drinking too much. All due to the lack of worthy cause for us to brave the wicked winds howling outside.

This is where the Beaches Organic Markets perfectly place their fixtures on our Friday and Sunday mornings! Providing for an impeccable start to our weekends, Friday’s markets are held at Rat Park Narrabeen and an even better end to our weekend, Sunday’s are held at Frenchs Forests Parkway Hotel.

The Markets showcase some of Sydney’s freshest local produce, most of which is organic. Raw treats, health foods, baked goods, dairy and meat are among some of the goodies you’ll find alongside fresh food stalls selling acai bowls, corn fritters and sausage rolls.

What better way to spend a Sunday morning feeling fresh (or not so much) than wandering and indulging along aisles of locally produced health foods with friends and family? The Markets have a charm about them that creates an excitement about Sunday mornings. Getting rugged up and making an activity of perusing stalls of healthy cakes, a healthy Sunday breakfast and grabbing your organic produce for the week has a certain sort of bliss about it or maybe it’s just the new found revelation that your weekend hasn’t been completely wasted if you haven’t awoken to a shocking hangover on Sunday morning.

Some of our favourites include the sausage roll caravan that offers the traditional and a vegetarian option that would satisfy even the most macho of meat eaters. The geniuses behind Nutie Donuts also know how to please, with donuts that put Krispy Kreme to shame. And for those invested in their gut health, the people behind the best tasting Herbs of Life Kombucha regularly make an appearance.

So make the most of your Friday and Sunday mornings and take advantage of the opportunity to buy organic, local produce that hasn’t been mass produced, sprayed with chemicals and frozen for god knows how long.

For those waking up fresh on a Sunday come and celebrate with the best green smoothie money can buy. Get down to Rat Park or Frenchs Forest and don’t forget your Birkenstocks and hessian bags!

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