Get Some WholeFoods Into You!

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term ‘whole food’ being thrown around but whether or not you understand it is a different story. A whole food is one that is still its natural state and hasn’t been processed or refined. The absence of any type of interference to a whole food allows it to retain as much nutritional value as possible. This is just one of the reasons wholefoods are such an invaluable part of our diet and why we want you to know all about them!

The concept of eating whole foods is simple; it encourages a diet full of vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes and drastically reduces the amount of preservatives, sugar, salt, additives and saturated fats you consume. Not only is it a fool proof way to detoxify and nourish, but it is also incredibly affordable and accessible as far as healthy eating goes. Almost the entire fruit and vegetable section of your local supermarket is considered a whole food, and you will likely find that filling your shopping trolley from this section saves you money, unlike other diets and fads that send you broke and set you up for failure.

Whole foods are able to retain maximum amounts of fibre and enzymes that aid in digestion, helping you to efficiently absorb as much good stuff as possible and rid your body of unnecessary toxins and waste. Eating whole foods will help you feel lighter, energised and less bloated.

Perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of eating whole foods is that it naturally and drastically lowers the calories you consume, allowing you to potentially eat more (whole) food without gaining extra weight. Vegetables, fruits and nuts are much lower in calories than processed foods such as muesli bars, cereals and breads which are often high in sugar and empty carbohydrates. Whole foods should be a healthy habit developed by all wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle and need not be complicated. The solution is simple; make majority of your diet vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and unaltered grains and your body/brain will quickly thank you for it!

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